Dig In Vision VR - Live Welding Simulator enters Romania Work Recruitment Industry

July 11, 2022

Lucrez in Europa (https://lucrezineuropa.com/) is a Temporary Work Agency and Recruitment Platform for various blue-collar professions in Romania and the EU. One of its operational pillars is supplying welders to European companies for temporary or permanent positions in construction, storage, logistics and engineering projects. Company provides direct supply of manpower to companies, but also creates a work-searching platform, where both hiring companies and job-seeking candidates may look for job opportunities in specialized blue-collar professions.

For years, in the recruitment process of welders for the EU, Lucrez in Europa relied on selection of candidates and professionals based often on paper certification. As a result, many times, Certified Skills of acquired candidates didn’t meet the actual skills requirements of the jobs. Question appeared - how to vet candidates practically, without being forced to dedicate significant funds to skills practical checkup?

Dig In Vision came with the answer - the Dig In Vision VR - Live Welding Simulator. Creating our in-house, state-of-the art software, we took into consideration not only the use of it for the training welders, but also to use it for advanced skills verification.

“From July 2022, Lucrez in Europa will use the Dig In Vision VR - Live Welding Simulator to gather and assess candidate welders from all around the World, before bringing them to work in European companies'' - says Silvestru Vamsidel, CEO of Lucrez in Europa. “The representative of Lucrez in Europa will be using a simple high-performance laptop and the VR Oculus Quest 2 set, equipped with the Dig In Vision Software. The recruitment process will be conducted for all recruitment purposes, and results track will be accessible via Dig In Vision Webpanel - unique Cloud-like solution for result and progress tracking. Later, results will be sent for evaluation to the future workplace of the candidate. After initial verification, preselected candidates will be sent to the desired companies for work and assignments. It’s a perfect solution for businesses like ours” - adds Mr. Vamsidel.

The Dig In Vision VR - Live Welding Simulator in Lucrez in Europa will also offer a more advanced option for skills verification to companies that wish to recruit welders around Europe. For more complex projects that would require from candidates a more sophisticated welding skill, companies will have the option to self-design and prepare advanced welding samples, shapes and environments for verification process, like e.g. portions of the ship hall, steel constructions etc. Such pre-designed welding samples could be used to immediately wead out poorly-skilled candidates, saving time and costs for both the company and the Lucrez in Europa.

The implementation of the Dig In Vision VR - Live Welding Simulator in Lucrez in Europa from Romania, marks the first introduction of our device in such capacity. We look forward to creative feedback from our new partner, and we are confident that more deliveries and successful usage of our Software is to follow soon.