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Portable VR
Welding Simulator

Real welding experience in VR for beginners and professionals

Dig in Vision is a unique simulator that allows you to recreate the welding shop environment in virtual reality. With our simulator, both beginners and advanced trainees are guaranteed an authentic welding experience. Real-time adjustments of welding parameters provide an immersive and genuine simulation

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Dig in Vision Portable VR Weldind KitDig in Vision Portable VR Weldind Kit

Self-learning with our
Weld-Master AI

Dig in Vision simulator is a complete tool for welding self-learning. During the training, the presence of the instructor is not mandatory, because the student receives real-time reports after each training run with results and texted hints by Weld-Master AI

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Virtual Training Center

More than VR welding training

Dig in Vision offers a unique solution in the form of a complex Virtual Training Center that provides a complete VR training experience for the welding industry. The solution can be fully customized to meet the needs of a wide range of customers, and is designed to teach welding techniques for both small and large-scale industrial objects. Customized samples, objects, and workspaces can be prepared and used for training, allowing for the simulation of real job positions and the best possible preparation for future duties

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More than VR Welding Training

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Great Britain

Dig in Vision technology was deployed in Invest Park - the largest industrial zone in CE for specialized training for their industries.  Additionally, our simulator will be the main Welding Skills Testing and Development Device at the 2023 Edition of the AUTO-FACHMAN Tournament for young welders in Pszczyna, near Katowice in cooperation with KSSE - the Katowice Special Economic Zone.


Lucrez in Europa, a Romanian work recruitment agency, is using Dig in Vision's virtual reality simulator to assess job candidates' skills and suitability for various jobs, including welding, plumbing, and electrical work. The partnership showcases the versatility of the virtual reality platform in industries beyond traditional training applications.


We implemented the Dig in Vision technology in a French industrial company - Techni Industrie - specializing in the production of heavy vehicles and railway cars. Thanks to our Virtual Training Center, they can train new welders in conditions that reflect their real duties at the workplace and significantly reduce the cost of onboarding of their new workers.


Cranfield University uses the Dig in Vision Virtual Training Center - the virtual reality welding simulator for their training programs. Dig in Vision’s Simulator is used to demonstrate the MIG/MAG welding method to Postgraduate students at Cranfield in their Material and Welding Engineering Courses at the Cranfield University Welding Research Centre.


The world’s first combined VR and real life welding training for over 300 Kenyans youths under the care of The Toolkit Skills and Innovation by Mrs. Jane Muigai Kamphuis. Project is founded by the German Agency for International Cooperation GmbH GIZ aiming at Sustainable Growth and Education in Afric and runs since 2022.


Thanks to the Selam Children Village - the largest Swiss-Ethiopian Youth Education Development Organization in-country - in 2022, the Dig in Vision Virtual Training Center was implemented for sustained Welding Training and Education for the entire community and instructors in Ethiopia at Selam Vocational & Training College in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Project is funded and supervised by The Swiss Charity organization - The Charity Selam.

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