Portable VR
Welding Simulator

For beginners and professionals

Our simulator offers a genuine welding experience to both beginners and advanced trainees. The simulator provides real-time welding parameter adjustments, including:

voltage, current, wire feed speed, gas flow, mask shade

Trainees can exercise their muscle memory, travel speed, work angles, and more, enabling them to fully immerse themselves in the welding experience

How does it work?

Our solution is based on globally accessible devices. The entire training set is contained in one handy case

VR Goggles

Latest Meta Quest 2 goggles allow the trainee to enter the world of virtual training. The advanced graphics engine enables a very realistic welding process, recreating the actual physical processes of the molten weld pool and the solidification of the weld in the gas metal arc welding process.

Dig in Vision welding torch adapter

The continuity of the welding experience is ensured by a physical controller adapter imitating the weight and shape of a real welding torch.

Hardware and Software

We offer a high performance laptop integrated with our online web panel, which manages welding courses, instructor accounts, and trainees' reports on their welding attempts. The reports contain a detailed analysis of their performance.


Additionally, our Dig in Vision simulator provides a complete tool for self-learning in welding. With this simulator, the presence of an instructor is not mandatory as the student receives real-time reports after each training, with results and text hints by Weld-Master AI. The reports include detailed task information such as welding procedure specifications, different time series of the process, scores in specific areas, and a final mark.

Ready to move welders’ training
into virtual reality?