Let's break boundaries in welding training: discover the world's first VR-interactive unique welding academy

March 25, 2024

Innovation has once again left its mark in the realm of welding training. The recent update to the Dig in Vision application has introduced an astonishing array of features that promise to redefine how welding skills are acquired. At the forefront of this update is the unveiling of the world's first Virtual Reality Academy for welding. This revolutionary leap allows aspiring welders to transcend traditional boundaries and immerse themselves in an unparalleled learning experience.

A New Dimension of Learning: The Virtual Reality Academy

Prepare to have your perception of welding courses shattered as Dig in Vision presents its Virtual Reality Academy. Step into a realm where theoretical knowledge merges seamlessly with  practice, creating an immersive journey that empowers you to master the art of welding like never before. This cutting-edge approach not only equips you with the theoretical foundations of welding but also hones your muscle memory through an innovative assistant mode. 

Practical Excellence: Navigating the ASSIST Mode

Among the standout features of the Virtual Reality Academy is the introduction of the ASSIST mode in practical training. This mode serves as a real-time guide, directing you in adjusting the welding torch position to achieve flawless weld joints. The virtual assistant takes you through the correct parameters for stick-out, speed, trajectory, work and travel angle, simplifying complex concepts into easily understandable instructions. This hands-on guidance ensures that you build the expertise necessary for a successful welding career.

Credentials that Open Doors: welding certification  from Dig in Vision Academy

Completing the course and successfully passing the exams at Dig in Vision Academy will result in a certificate confirming your skills. This achievement will open up completely new prospects for you in the professional sphere. The prestigious certificate you will receive will become an important asset on your resume, enriching it with specific skills and competencies acquired during the intensive course.

With this certificate, you will gain a pass to a variety of career opportunities that might have remained out of your reach until now. Not only will you gain practical and theoretical knowledge of the industry, but you will also get a tool that will expose your professionalism and commitment.

Our innovative Web panel allows convenient access to certificates for all students. You will be able to effortlessly share your achievement with employers and recruiters . A certificate from Dig in Vision Academy will become a showcase of your competence. Discover our products

A Glimpse into the Future: The Power of Your Feedback

At Dig in Vision, your feedback isn't just valued; it's the driving force behind the evolution of the application. Your input shapes the features and enhancements that grace each update. In response to your suggestions, the Heads-Up Display (HUD) has received delightful touches, enabling instructors to better monitor trainees engaged in VR Welding. This continuous dialogue ensures that the application remains attuned to your needs and aspirations.

Multilingual Learning: Breaking Language Barriers

The latest update speaks volumes about inclusivity. With support for English, German, French, and Polish, the application breaks language barriers and makes learning more accessible and enjoyable. Now, regardless of your native tongue, you can immerse yourself in the world of virtual welding training without linguistic limitations

A Green Revolution in welding

The latest platform update also provides detailed statistics on the progress of students.  The metrics not only show the number of samples completed for each welding school student, but also shed light on their specific financial contribution and impact on our precious environment.

Most importantly, you will now be able to know the exact number of samples you have managed to complete and approve within our welding courses. This is a great way to track your progress and understand how you are actively participating in the learning and development process.

What's more, we wanted to highlight the real financial savings you've achieved through your work and commitment. The new statistics will clearly show exactly how much money you have saved over time, since you started VR Welding. This will not only allow you to appreciate the educational benefits, but will also motivate you to continue your efforts.

But what makes this update even more exciting is the ability to track your personal impact. With our new tools, you will find out exactly how much carbon dioxide (CO2) you have saved. This will not only allow you to see how your efforts are having a real impact on the fight against climate change, but will also provide you with concrete data that you can be proud of and share your achievements with others.

Learn more about calculating CO2

We're still working on amazing features to help you develop your professional welding skills and we'll be releasing another update soon. Stay tuned!

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