KSSENON Business Accelerator: Support for Young Talents

March 22, 2024

Friday, 6 October, in the heart of the dynamically developing Polish business market, the grand opening of the KSSENON accelerator took place. Behind this ambitious initiative stands the Katowice Special Economic Zone SA (KSSE SA). The event gathered many prominent figures, including the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Paweł Jabłoński, Senator Ewa Gawęda, and the president of KSSE, Dr. Janusz Michałek. KSSENON is not just a symbol of modernity but primarily a hub designed to incubate innovative ideas from small and medium-sized enterprises.

Dr. Janusz Michałek, the president of KSSE SA, emphasizes the importance of the accelerator for local companies: "KSSENON is KSSE's nod to micro and SME sector companies, which are the strength of the region and reflect its entrepreneurial spirit." The vice-president of KSSE SA, Andrzej Zabiegliński, adds: "Our flagship project represents a new quality in conducting and developing business ideas and strengthening cooperation between business and local government - education. It will be a developmental impulse!"

Coworking and Competence: The Dual Pillars of KSSENON

Additionally, within the framework of the KSSENON accelerator, a Coworking and Competence Center was established. It's a place where practical vocational training is combined with the opportunity to participate in specialized courses. Both students and adults have access to the latest training equipment, including industrial automation technology, VR, and the latest computer systems.

Dig in Vision's VR Welding: The Future is Here!

Dig in Vision, a forerunner in virtual welding training, was honored to be part of this monumental event. We showcased our prowess in VR welding by conducting a welding class for technical school students in Żory, leveraging our advanced virtual welding technology. This served as a prime platform to identify budding talents who have the potential to ascend as global welding maestros.

The Power of Collaboration

The collaboration of companies like Dig in Vision with initiatives like KSSENON highlights the importance of joining forces in the pursuit of innovation and progress in business. Together, they lay the foundation for the future development of the region's economy while investing in the growth of young talents.

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