Real Time Application - Dig In Vision use it

August 1, 2023
Real Time Application - Why does Dig In Vision use it?

The term ‘Real Time Application’ refers to a system that is put through its paces in real time. The response is obtained within a specified deadline or within a defined schedule. There are two types of Real Time Systems: Hard and Soft. Soft real-time systems allow time expressions to be delayed a little. Hard real-time systems cannot allow any delays of a few nanoseconds or even microseconds.

The Dig In Vision VR - Live Welding Simulator can be classified as a Soft Real-Time Application. The core of the application is simulating the view and sound of welding. The user gets a response for every move in milliseconds, again and again - up to 80 times per second!!!. We calculate the actual inputs for every frame. Based on the values, we predict the size of the welding pool, the dimensions of the seam, probability of possible defects, and visual effects such as sparks and spatters. We deliver it in real-time, so the end-user of our simulation feels like it is happening at once. This is made possible thanks to our cutting-edge algorithm based on computing power and smart solutions. In this way, we deliver the welding simulator.

For more ‘geek info’ on the Real-Time Simulation, read e.g.:

We are the Real-Time Application - the best way to take advantage of simulation!

Do you know why our simulator is called Dig In Vision VR - Live Welding Simulator? It is what can be called a Soft Real-Time Application. Up to 80 times per second, we measure responses and various welding parameters. Why? As J. Tarnawski (et al.) said, they provide and enable a countless number of trials during the training, along with simultaneous reduction of health hazards, material costs and wastes after training.

The Real-Time Applications and Simulations became useful tools for industry, automation processes and every kind of learning/workshops/training. After Real-Time Simulation workshops, a trainee can be tested/verified on target hardware in real tasks, and performance is transferable, accurate and valuable.

If you don’t believe it, check out our previous post on efficiency increase in Welding Training with the Dig In Vision VR - Live Welding Simulator from Kenya.

We therefore conclude that: Virtual Welding and the Dig In Vision VR - Live Welding Simulator is the best way to begin experience with welding. In VR, welding becomes safe, non-aggressive and zero waste.

SOURCE: Dig In Vision