Dig In Vision expands further to Etiopia with Selam Children's Village

June 13, 2022

On 20th May 2022, our delegation met with the delegation from Ethiopian Selam Children’s Village Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET: Official link). The meeting took place to discuss advanced cooperation between TVET and Dig In Vision in creation and establishment of the first Ethiopian VR Welding Training Center at Addis Ababa.‍

The meeting was an expansion of cooperation between Dig In Vision and TVET that started last year, in November 2021, when we visited TVET’s facilities in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Soon afterwards, TVET introduced the Dig In Vision VR - Live Welding Simulator to their Welding Training Program.

New cooperative plan of Dig In Vision and Selam TVET aims to create the 1st VR Welding Training Center that will offer long and short-term courses for everybody in Ethiopia who is interested in pursuing the Welding Profession. Also, it will open new distribution channels, allowing the Dig In Vision VR - Live Welding Simulator to become a Nation-wide Welding Training tool.

Welding Training is becoming more and more expensive, both for trainees and colleges, due to the increasing costs of practical training. Moreover, Ethiopia has limited resources in providing proper materials for practical training, and it's forced to import certain products - which increases prices even more. Thanks to the Dig In Vision VR - Live Welding Simulator, Selam TVET will be able to educate and train more students, more efficiently with much lesser expenditures.

Established in 1986, Selam Children’s Village operates jointly together with Ethiopian private donors and sponsors from Switzerland. It currently provides various training and skills development practices for Ethiopian youth from all over the country. Technical Vocational Education and Training College of Selam (TVET) focuses on Blue-collar professions. Among various fields, it possesses welding training faculty. For almost 40 years, Selam TVET graduates proved to be highly trained and skilled professionals. Many of them, after graduating, moved to open their own private businesses.

SOURCE: Dig In Vision