Dig In Vision - VR Welding Training Solution to address the welders shortage

March 22, 2024

The MIG/MAG Welding Method

The MIG/MAG welding method is one of the most commonly used welding processes in the industry, particularly in the manufacturing, fabrication, and automotive sectors. According to industry estimates, the MIG/MAG welding method accounts for approximately 50-60% of all welding processes used in industrial applications. At Dig in Vision, our welding simulator covers this widely used method. The MIG/MAG method is versatile, easy to learn, and can be used to weld a wide range of materials, including steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. Additionally, MIG/MAG welding technique is a relatively fast process, making it a preferred method for high-volume production.

The Welding Skills Gap

In Europe, the European Welding Federation (EWF) estimates that there is a shortage of approximately 300,000 qualified welders across the continent. The shortage is particularly acute in countries like Germany, where there is a growing demand for skilled welders in the automotive and manufacturing industries. The EWF has launched various initiatives aimed at attracting young people to welding careers, traditional training, and promoting the importance of welding as a profession.

In the United States, the American Welding Society (AWS) estimates that there is a shortage of approximately 400,000 welders. The shortage is driven by several factors, including the retirement of older welders, a lack of interest in welding careers among young people, and a skills gap caused by the rapid advancement of welding technology. The AWS has launched various initiatives aimed at addressing the shortage, including the Welding Workforce Initiative, which aims to attract and train new welders and provide them with the skills needed to succeed in the industry.

Dig in Vision's welding simulator is designed to help address this welding skills gap by providing a safe, cost-effective, and efficient way to train and upskill welders. With our welding simulator, welders can practice and perfect their welding techniques in a virtual environment, without the need for costly equipment or materials. In our virtual reality training center, a student can try their hand at six types of standardized samples for MIG/MAG welding. Mastering these widely used welded joints fully covers the scope of basic and advanced welding training.

VR Welding Training with Dig in Vision

At Dig in Vision, we offer a comprehensive virtual welding training solution that fully recreates the environment of a real welding workshop in virtual reality. Our virtual welding simulator allows beginners or advanced trainees to benefit from a real welding experience. The user can select welding parameters such as: 

- voltage, 

- current, 

- wire feed speed, 

- gas flow,

- angle travel,

- shade of the mask, 

all affecting the shape and size of the joint created, as well as its structural strength. The precision of our virtual welding allows trainees to exercise their muscle memory, speed of movement, and working angles. The virtual environment, in which the user is immersed, allows full concentration on the task at hand.

Welder's workstation in VR

Our Virtual Welding Center provides typical testing scenarios used in welding academies and allows organizations to tailor welding courses to their needs. Cloud computing is used to analyze each of the welding attempts, providing the trainee with a final score and suggestions on how to improve. We also provide an online web panel to manage welding courses, instructor accounts, as well as the trainees' reports on their welding attempts, containing their detailed analysis.

Dig in Vision's Virtual Training Center

Dig in Vision's VR welding simulator is a solution for the shortage of trained welders

The shortage of skilled welders in the industry is a growing concern, but Dig in Vision's virtual welding training solution offers a promising solution to bridge the skills gap and train the next generation of welders. Our Virtual Welding Center provides a safe and immersive learning environment that simulates real-world welding scenarios, allowing trainees to improve their muscle memory and master MIG/MAG welding technique, which is commonly used in the industry. Additionally, the cloud-based analysis and reporting tools provide instructors and trainees with real-time feedback on performance, enabling informed decisions about training and skill development. Overall, Dig in Vision's innovative virtual welding training solution is poised to revolutionize the way the welding industry trains its workforce, addressing the shortage of skilled welders and ensuring the industry remains competitive and sustainable in the years to come.